A piece of sunshine

Power of seeds

The new coronavirus is so tiny that even one sneeze can carry hundreds of virus particles. It is said that 3 billion of these particles can sit on top of a toothpick.

Like the weeds that grow so freely and abundantly, even though we don't sow them intentionally, the destructive and damaging virus can be spread quickly and amply.

Like the coronavirus, the weeds grow wild with the vitality of their roots hidden under the earth. Even in a crevice on the street, they exist to the fullest. Weeding out or pruning doesn't matter; they come out again and again.

The multiplying power of the DNA, or genetic code, in the weeds is so powerful and tenacious that they can survive and increase themselves as far as they are allowed to live. Unless we pull them out, they will spread forever. In this way, the latent killing power of the coronavirus is still driving the world into a great emergency.

We are praying and working so hard to make a better society, but closely interconnected efforts are necessary to save the world seriously affected by global warming.

Our present situation invites us to take care of nature. More than ever, I am taking some time to water and tend our gardens as a part of being in solidarity with those who suffer from the abuse and misuse of nature around the world.

Last year, I saw three sunflowers were growing in the corner of the backyard. I didn't collect their seeds, and they just fell in place. Later on, I even forgot about their presence.

This year in spring, I noticed many sunflower sprouts appearing in the same field. Being in the crowd, they spread themselves across almost half of the field. They are now singing the joy of survival.

Like those sunflowers, some grasses or plants sprout naturally every year. Perhaps it would be because God created all living beings with the ability to reproduce and increase. On the third day of creation, God said, "Let the Earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth."(Genesis 1,11)

How marvelous it is to see numerous creatures colored creatively. Such flowers as violets, chrysanthemums, margarets, pasque flowers, adonis amurensis, day lilies, etc. can live long with enduring vitality through their strong roots. So many kinds of nameless grass flowers are also revealing their simple but pure beauty to the fullest.

Inspired by the mysterious power of beautiful nature, the presence of the most merciful God, and the changeless signs of the present times, the Pauline Family chose the upcoming year, from Nov. 26, 2020, to Nov. 26, 2021, to celebrate the Biblical year with the theme, "That the Word of the Lord may speed forward" (2 Thessalonians 3:1) The special logo also expresses a running sower (Cf. Luke 8:4-15; 1 Corinthians 9:24).

In the most challenging culture of communications that asks us to make the best use of the digital world, we sincerely hope to walk forward bravely and constantly so as to spread the hopeful message of the words of the Lord even to the frontiers of the world that some people abuse and exploit nature without end.

While appreciating flowers in nature, I do hope we can overcome the worldly crisis.

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