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<영어에세이>'Come and see!' 와서 보시오!

'Come and see!' 와서 보시오!



In celebration of the 55th World Communications Day (May 16), "Pauline" across the country organized a mission outreach to parishes. Due to the pandemic, the numbers of those who came to the churches decreased, but the enthusiasm of our sisters has been inspired.


At the same time, in collaboration with the Media subcommittee in the Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious in Korea and the Society of St. Paul, Pauline in Daehak-ro ("Hyehwanamu") prepared a special event for four days from May 12 to 15 for World Communications Day.


The theme of this day is "Come and see (John 1:46). Communicating by encountering people where and as they are." Pope Francis in the message suggests us to see people as they are and to communicate with them directly, not to spread unfounded information only, but to share and witness real life. What will be the true meaning of "come and see" in the non-face-to-face era? I think it is a matter of witness in life.


Experiences of faith lead us to be a witness of the truth before saying something. In the "Journalist's Decalogue," Manuel Lozano Garrido said: "Pay with the currency with frankness, work the bread of information clean with the salt of style and the yeast of eternity, and not to serve neither pastry nor spicy dishes, rather the good bite of a clean and hopeful life as well as inviting people to cut the hand that wants to smear, because the stains in the brains are like those wounds that never heal."


On May 12, there was a talk show, "The hidden dangers and opportunity of the internet," a live online YouTube broadcast in which Sr. Park Jeong-ah, FSP; Fr. Han Chang-hyun, SSP; and Jeong Hyun-jin, chief editor of "Catholic Here and Now" interpreted internet culture in a Christological way on the basis of the message of World Communications Day.


On May 13, Fr. Park Dong-ho explained the message in more detail. From 2 to 6 pm. on May 14 to 15, there was a special Bible reading relay with an epistle of Saint Paul that started with Bishop Benedictus Son Hee-song, vicar general of the Archdiocese of Seoul. In between, some moments to share experiences of faith from the Bible through stories, music, or illustrations were arranged.


At 7 pm. on May 15, Mass for World Communications Day was presided over by Bishop Simon Ok Hyun-jin of the Archdiocese of Gwangju, who is also the president of the Committee for Social Communications of the CBCK.


Those who participated in the lectures and talk shows were limited to 30 people and only 94 persons were allowed to join in the Bible reading relay. Nevertheless, the words of God will run beyond the frontiers of present reality.


In spite of the somewhat depressed reality of the pandemic, we can still find joy when our hearts are deeply rooted in the Bible. As an apostle of the media, Saint Paul used the form of letters to share the Gospels. Nowadays, thanks to the continuous evolution of modern technology, various forms of media transcend our imagination. Among them, the persona (self) will be the most powerful, effective, and basic means to witness and share the truth.

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